Compressor Installation Report

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Compressor Temperatures Chart Guidelines

The temperature range and guidelines shown below can be considered good for the following conditions:

  1. R22 Systems
  2. Air Conditioning Duty (TXV)
  3. SCT equal 95°-115°

Reading from other condition will not fit into all the guidelines.


  • 1. Suction Line Temperature
    • 10°-20° above saturated suction temperature.
  • 2. Motor Barrel Temperature near crankcase
    • 80°-100°
    • a. Below 80° is a possible indication of flooding
    • b. Above 100° is possible indication of motor running too hot from
      • i. Too high heat
      • ii. Not enough suction gas with acceptable superheat to cool motor on low load conditions
  • Three temperatures at the motor barrel are required to find hot spots due to stator drag on the rotor if the motor end bearing has been lost due to flooding
  • 3. Underside of cylinder head
    • 80°-115°
    • a. Below 80° is possible indication for flooding
    • b. Above 115° is an indication of an unloaded cylinder or blown gasket or broken valves
  • 4. Crankcase Temperature
    • 105°-125°
    • a. Below 105° is an indication of flooding
    • b. Above 125° is an indication that the compressor is running too hot- generally caused by the high oil levels
  • 5. Hot Gas line Temperature
    • 160°-200°
    • a. Temperature below 160° after one-minute run time is an indication of flooding
    • b. Temperature above 200° is an indication that the compressor is running too hot
Compressor Installation Report 1

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